Cécile Ney

Cecile Ney, Videographer at street art & fringe culture blog, Alternative ParisVideographer, motorcyclist and snowboarder, Cécile Ney, spent two years training to be an illustrator, but found that, in her own words, it made her “a bit antisocial”, and so instead chose a career in film.

After training as a video journalist, Cécile started work making institutional films, and for the past five years has found success using her knack for editing, ensuring people feel comfortable in interview, and “making stuff look cool”.

Originally from Chatillon, a town just south of Paris, when not writing a new video project, she can be found creating in one way or another: taking photos, drawing, or playing with words and French language to create jokes.

Cécile Ney is a Videographer at Alternative Paris. Her personal projects can be viewed at vimeo.com/cecileney.




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