Demian Smith

Demian Smith, Editor - Alternative Paris

Starts out painting graffiti in the late ‘90s around Swiss Cottage in London, with the RareKind crew, which later establishes the UK’s first graffiti art gallery in Brighton.

Hampstead Comprehensive School and the University of Kent, and a degree in Politics and International Relations, with a focus on modern political philosophy, sculpt outlook; editorial position on university magazine, and multiple visits to Israel inspire career focus.

Since 2009, professional journalist with credits in the Daily Telegraph, Evening Standard, and Architects Journal, among others. Manages to get full-time work in finance journalism in London, which does not sit well.

Jumps ship being washed ashore in Paris, where main focus becomes street art and fringe culture blog, Alternative Paris, and street art tours business, Underground Paris.

Demian is founder Editor at Alternative Paris and continues to create urban art interventions.

Top 3 street artists with work in Paris: