Lisa Marie Grenier

Lisa Marie Grenier, Contributor ( Lisa Marie, or ‘Dudy’, moved to Paris several years ago, and while scarred from failed childhood ambitions to become a Disney cartoonist, was overjoyed at the discovery of Paris’ flagrant street art culture.

Working by day for a large multi-national organisation, by night Dudy continues to draw, as well as document the street art she finds. Her journey to work, however, is barren of street artworks, she says: “street art  in the 16th arrondissement is just a myth”.

To compensate, Dudy lives in the bohemian 18th arrondissement, where street art and graffiti is very much more alive, including many works by Monsieur Chat aka M. Chat, the subject of a documentary film by late French filmmaker, Chris Marker.

Lisa Marie is a Contributor at Alternative Paris and continues to blog at

Top 3 street artists with work in Paris:


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