Graffiti Workshop Paris

  • Produce a large-scale concept graffiti mural as a team
  • Instruction from professional French graffiti artists
  • Learn how to draw and paint using spraypaint
  • Discover Paris’ off the beaten track legal graffiti zones
  • Experience Paris in a unique, alternative and creative way

Graffiti Workshop Tours from Alternative Paris
“After doing my first graffiti workshop, I now can’t wait to get my hands on a can of spraypaint again … several of my group said it was the most unusual and fun thing they had done in Paris. I’d highly recommend this to friends – in fact I already have!” Anna Pearson, policy advisor

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Bring a picnic and champagne!

You’re welcome to bring your own food and  refreshments (including alcohol), to consume during the adventure. Because of the precarious nature of these graffiti workshops we keep them for over-21s only!

By appointment only (lasts approximately 4 hours)

For more info or to book a place, email

Stencil Art Workshops

Stencils used in street art are fast. Many Paris shops selling graffiti spray paint are open. You have famous artists like Banksy part of a creative community, with roots in Paris. France’s May 1968 revolution is integral to street art in paris. French political stencil art, the artwork produced in France’s school, ‘les Beaux Arts’ in St Germain-des-Pres.  Unemployment  and Charles de Gaulle’s conservative government, students took over the School of Fine Art. The Atelier Populaire established. Hundreds of silkscreen street art posters, wheatpasted, “weapons in the service of the struggle… “.  Everyday people of different class, age and education, a collective consciousness,  hard to imagine in today’s virtual world.

Stencil street art today is still about ideas. We arrange stencil art workshops and graffiti workshops which offer you to create stencil art of your own.  The workshops take place with a graffiti art collective in north-east Paris.

Stencil Art Workshops  Intro guide to graffiti techniques, create stencil art with spraypaint with graffiti street artists

Have fun in Paris,  while learning.  The class is an orientation in stencil graffiti.More experienced artists can also learn stencil and spray paint techniques. Email to

Paris Banksy graffiti workshop

Art Workshop Paris-stencil-graffiti-spraypaint- workshop - Alternative Paris Graffiti Workshop Paris-stencil-graffiti-spraypaint- workshop - Alternative Paris

We arrange stencil art workshops and mural art workshops that offer you the chance to learn, experience and create street art of your own.

Taught by some of Paris’ leading street artists we’ll assist you to create your own urban art masterpiece!

Make a large scale graffiti mural with professional graffiti artists.  Produce a graffiti mural and learn the techniques used by graffiti artists.  As well as enjoying yourself in Paris. Design and implement a massive graffiti spray-painted mural.  The graffiti workshop is for starters as well as those with experience. Send us an email to

Paris Artists Quarters

Our Stencil Art Workshops take place in our serene, safe and secure artist studios near to Belleville, Paris’ main artistic quarter, while our Graffiti Workshop Adventures take place in various secret graffiti locations around Paris.

Our street art classes & graffiti workshops include:

  • Support from some of Paris’ best street art and graffiti artists
  • Materials to make your own piece of Paris street art to take home (Stencil Art Workshop)
  • Private and secure artist workshop environment (Stencil Art Workshop)
  • A chance to see some of Paris’ finest street art
  • A unique, fun and unforgettable experience in Paris
The street art movement is now massive and global. Did you know it all began in Paris? French street artist Blek le Rat even inspired British graffiti artist Banksy, who admits stealing his ideas! So, where better a place to learn and develop your own skills as a street artist than at Alternative Paris graffiti workshops!
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Stencil Graffiti Workshops

Graffiti Workshop Adventures

Paris Graffiti Workshop Tours - Alternative Paris- stencil, spraypaint, sprycan workshop

Graffiti Workshop Adventures

Our Graffiti Workshop Adventures let you imagine a concept for a full-scale graffiti production, while we show you how, and supply you with the materials to create it!

Discovering hidden spots and places in Paris, in new neighbourhoods. Urban exploration. Learning about new cultures. Getting off the beaten-path to see street art. Being creative and getting a bit messy … That is a Graffiti Workshop Adventure.

We’ll bring you to a legal graffiti spot in Paris, where you may have to climb to enter! After a brainstorm session, your graffiti art instructors will show you how to use spray-paint and get you to whitewash our canvas – a giant wall!

We’ll then assist you as a group to draw and colour your design onto the wall using spray-paint. Your instructors will continue to support you until the mural is finished and looking spectacular!