Street Art Tours of Paris & Bike Tours of Paris

Paris walking tours - Paris Street art tours - Alternative Paris - Paris Bike Tours of Paris

Paris bike tours - Paris Street art tours - Alternative Paris - Paris Bike Tours of Paris

Paris walking tours and Paris Bike Tours – Street Art Tours of Paris & Street Art Bike Tours of Paris

Enjoy Paris walking tours of Paris street art and Paris bike tours of Paris graffiti. Also Private tours of paris street art. Tours that give you an underground Paris guided tour of Paris culture. Paris walking tours , awash with street art. Tours, Paris graffiti tours or street art tours of Paris, ours show you alternative Paris, as you orientate yourself with the city of lights. Bike About Tours, Fat Tire Tours and Left Bank Scooter Tours of Paris are great, but we are the experts in alternative Paris. The Paris Face Cachee undeground Paris, Metronome by Lorant Deutsch, for example.

Learn about the Paris street art scene, and the rich and colourful history of diverse Parisian neighbourhoods at the heart of Paris’ current creative wave.

Throughout our Paris walking tours we’ll see the work of over 40 different street artists, as you hear of the backgrounds and stories about the artists who produce this work.

“Special thanks to Demian, the guide, who was interesting as he was pasionate, who’ll teach you how to watch and understand better those beautiful and ephemeral pieces of street art.” asmanor, Paris

An array of spectacular street art

On our tours expect to see work by some of the following artists:

  • Space Invader – France’s #1 street artist who has over 1,000 works around Paris’ streets
  • Shepard Fairey - wheatepastes and stencils by the artist behind the Obama HOPE poster campaign
  • Jérôme Mesnager, Miss Tic, and Jef Aérosol - Paris’ “first generation” street artists
  • Zoo Project - giant underground philosophical murals by this anonymous young-master of street art
  • Nick walker – a veteran street artist, and part of the same Bristol set that produced artist Banksy, musician Tricky, and band Massive Attack

Head over to our Gallery section to see examples of great Paris street art.

Not on the tourist map

“By a lucky accident we came across the tour and we couldn’t be happier … Not only are we educated about the art pieces and the street art culture scene but we can chat and ask questions about what it is really like to live in this city. We get to see more of the real Parisian life than we ever could just by following a tourist map.” Cinmana, Amsterdam 

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Street Art Walking Tour

Street Art Bike Tour

Promoting Paris street art culture, Underground Paris, via the Alternative Paris project, is tied to the French street artists and urban art in Paris and the organisations that are at the heart of France’s urban art culture.

Guided walking tours of Paris and stories of works of art. Paris street art and graffiti and the global street art scene, street artists producing this work. Guided walking tours of Paris or biking tours of Paris, the tour will visit the street art and graffiti areas in Paris: Oberkampf, Ménilmontant and Belleville, Paris street art gallery, a paris graffiti gallery. Affordable artwork in Paris, see graffiti artists painting.  Our street art walking tours of Paris are updated regularly as new artworks appear. Fresh artwork is constantly being put up. Every guided tour of Paris’ graffiti is unique.

We are experts in street art and friends of the artists. Paris’ street art, graffiti and fringe culture, presented via Alternative Paris (

Street Art Walking Tours, Paris street art, alternative culture, visit a street art gallery, meet the artists.  Meet at Le M.U.R. in front of Café Place Verte (near to Parmentier metro station – line 3).

Street Art Bike Tours of Paris. Paris street art and graffiti by bike. The best street art in north-east Paris. And a part two of the bike tour, in south of Paris.  Bikes from Paris à Vélo c’est Sympa. Email booking to

Street Art Bike Tour (Part II)  best street art and graffiti by bike in the south of Paris. Lunch at French Basque restaurant in the Butte-aux-Cailles. Availble as private tour of Paris.

Private Tours of Paris can be arranged. Private tours by bike or walking. receive an orientation to Paris street art and graffiti. We are able to arrange private tours of paris to suit your schedule and interests. artist Studio visits and private viewings can be arranged. to make a private paris tour booking email us at, or call us on +33 (0) 6 52 69 92 40.

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