Interview with Paris stencil art genius, Artiste-Ouvrier

Paris stencil artist Artiste Ouvrier interview - Paris street art - Alternative Paris (14)

Paris stencil art by Artiste-Ouvrier at the vernissage of Le M.U.R (Association Modulable Urbain Reactif), on rue Oberkampf in Paris’ 11th Arrondissement.

Tell us a little about your artistic background and what inspired you to first start painting stencils, and become a street artist?

Street art came late for me, as I began stencilling in 1993, in order to have artworks from Klimt or Paolo Uccello, rather than the usual posters which I found silly and too far away from the painting. So basically I studied Philosophy at the Sorbonne for five years, and a bit of art history, after, and before having all kinds of jobs, from waiter to train cleaner, teacher for violent children. I began to paint in the street, half legally always, in 2003. I was already painting walls, but in the squats in Paris where I used to live.

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